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Five Weeks to 5K? 

Do you want to learn to run? Are you fed up of starting and then giving up because its too hard? Our simple plan as seen on ITV’s This Morning show helps you get up to that all important 5K mark by focussing on whats going on in your head as well as with your body.

  • Face your fears
  • Get into a routine of running
  • Gain support from other women
  • Visualise your goal
  • And go for it

Untitled 3Start your journey today towards becoming a happier, more confident runner no matter how unfit or overweight you are and let us get you to 5k in just 5 weeks, just like Shirley, Kerrie and Francesca did.

Come on ladies stop procrastinating and get involved today, download the ebook, buy a T-Shirt or better still sign up to our online challenge and do the programme with a group of women just like you.

One of the common reasons women fail to play sport is fear of being judged or often they give up after a while due to lack of support but with our online programme we hold your hand the whole way and you realise there are thousands of women around the world who are in exactly the same boat as you.

What have you got to lose?


Join our next 5 weeks to 5k online challenge group for just £25