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I did it

I ran a half marathon, and I mean I really ran it.

All my fears about my legs giving way, collapsing from exhaustion, not being able to breath were not realized. I had a race that had very few dramas in fact, must be a first.

My day didn’t start too well, I felt quite sick in fact when I got up, and when I got to Stratford station to find the Jubilee Line suspended and thousands of runners waiting for the single decker 108 to Greenwich I really considered going back home to bed. However I managed to push my way to front of the queue and I even managed to get a seat.

The race was delayed for 45 minutes whilst runners made their way to the O2, which meant I had over an hour and a half waiting around before making my way to the pens. I sat there on the floor with all the layers of clothing I had with me and wrapped in a tinfoil blanket trying to keep myself warm. I watched as the runners started to arrive, on the look out for someone of my size. There were a few larger runners, but they were more plump, or big built, top heavy or a bit stout…definately no fatties.

I finally crossed the start line at just before 11am, an hour and 15 minutes after the advertised start time. By mile one I was really doubting that I would finish, I had no pace whatsoever and my mind was all over the place. But by about mile 3 I had got into a rhythem and was taking comfort in the fact that loads of people were already walking. Not me. I was gonna run for at least the first 10k, I knew I could manage that much. At about mile 5 my boyfriend called to ask where I was, he was waiting for me just after mile 8 and expecting to see me about now…no such luck. I decided there and then I would keep going till then. I even ran up the biggest hill ever, even the real fitties were power walking up that one (there was a guy handing out pizza from his takeaway shop half way up…Bastard)

It was lovely having my baby boy waiting for me. He planted a kiss on my lips, handed me a bottle of water and told me “keep going, I’ll be waiting for you at the end”, and that was all I needed. I kept running and running, well jogging and jogging but the point was I didn’t stop and give up, when by this point there was hundreds of people walking or limping along.

As we ran through Greenwich Park there was a downhill section, and I picked up some pace and started overtaking people which gave me a real boost, but wrecked havoc on the soles of my feet which were now suffering from blisters/friction burns, on their soles…I was nearly there. But the pain was incredible.

My legs felt fine, I wasn’t out of breath…but my feet were so sore. So I did walk a bit through Greenwich, by now everyone was walking which was a bit demoralising. By mile 12 though I just knew I had to run the rest, and even though the crowds were thinning and the winds had picked up there was nothing that was going to stop me, and as I reached the big yellow sign with 500 meters to go, I gritted my teeth and picked up the pace a bit in a final attempt to finish strong. I crossed the finish line to see my boyfriends smiling face, collected my winners medal and we made our way home.

I am sitting here having had a hot bath and some dinner, watching crap Sunday night TV and I cannot believe I have run a half marathon today. My legs are aching and the balls of my feet are tender when i walk on them but other than that I feel great, and I am completely fired up again about my running.

I just think if I can run 13 miles in less than 3 hours without much training, what could I achieve if I took it a bit more serious? Maybe that Marathon in 2012 is not a complete pipedream.

Well done to everyone who ran today, and everyone who supported and encouraged me.

Fatty can most definatly run!!!

  1. October 10, 2010


    I’m new to your blog but identify with so much of what you say. After being a size 22 for years last year I lost weight and am now size 14. I ran when bigger but find it so much easier now (not easy though!). Like you at races I always look to see if there are anyone my size of bigger. Run to the Beat 2010 was my first half and I did it in 2hr40 – hoping to London Marathon in 2011 – 2 weeks before my 40th birthday. Have you ever considered running with a club – the Women’s Running Network has 2 gp in East London. Great Blog

    • October 10, 2010

      Thanks for the comment, I might look into the running group, I’ve been wanting to join one for a while but a bit worried about being the slowest and it being all men.

  2. September 30, 2010

    well done on your half marathon, and a good blog x

    keep at it 🙂



  3. September 27, 2010

    You’ve inspired me to think the Brealy-Bath-Half next year might actually be achievable! Well done again and thank you!

    • September 28, 2010

      I’m thinking I will probably do that one too. With some training I might even get a decent time.

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