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Or 70, or 50…or even 10.

So I’m going to hold my hands up and admit, I haven’t been running much lately at all…talking about running? Yes. Writing about Running? Yes…Dreaming about running even? Yep absolutely.

But I’ve been a little busy with writing a new book (have you seen all those 5 star reviews?), and planning exciting things for 2018 and so with no races in the diary until 2018, I realised today I seriously need to find myself some motivation to get out the front door.

xmas-challenge-shop-450x675Which is just as well because my annual Countdown to Christmas Challenge is almost upon us….which comes with an accumulative mileage challenge…which you can walk, jog, run, cycle, swim, ski for all I care…with a lovely colour as you go downloadable PDF for motivation.

The point of this for me is just to have some kind of focus over the festive period to keep me moving.

I probably run a grand total of 10 miles in October, and so far this month I have done even less than that…compared to the 80 or so I did in September, so yes I am setting myself an ambitious target of running 100 miles in December.

100 miles.

I plan to run to meetings, do a few parkruns, run on Xmas Day, run in the mornings, run at track, run while I am away at a conference…I am going to run, run, run…because if truth be known, I’ve missed it. I also enjoy running in the cold…I know I am strange, but its true. It keeps me moving for a start, and the parks and canal paths are emptier.

How many miles do you think you could run in December?

5 a week?

25 over the month?

A mile a day?

I almost went out for a run today…because I had a new pair of leggings to test…courtesy of Sturdy by Design who I announced earlier on today as the sponsor of our Countdown to Christmas Challenge. I ended up going for a swim instead (It’s a long story…and I blame my sister Amy, who took this quite awesome picture…so she is forgiven)


But anyway, the Sturdy by Design xmas leggings are kind of epic right?

In fact I love this brand.

I’ve always been a black leggings kind of girl, only because I have struggled to find funky ones that tick all my boxes…my won’t budge on requirements?

  • Don’t fall down
  • Are long enough for my long legs
  • Don’t go see through when I bend over
  • Are good quality
  • Have a small pocket at the back
  • Are going to last
  • Do big sizes

And sturdy by design cover all of these….hence the reason I am happy to collaborate with them.

Use discount Run15 and get 15% off, throughout the programme.

Our 31 day fitness challenge starts on the 1st December, and 5 lucky winners will bag themselves their own pair of leggings by undertaking the various fitness challenges set by me each week.

There will also be spot prizes throughout the month including the following items in my stash…

  • Chaffree Pants
  • Exercise Freak Headphones
  • Enertor Insoles
  • Luxury Gluten Free Stollen Cake
  • Million Mile Lights
  • 2Skin Anti Chaffing Gel
  • Go Faster Food Snacks
  • Race places for Cancer Research Winter Run
  • Nut Kitchen Luxury Nut Butter
  • Oryx Sea Salts
  • Signed copies of my books
  • Too Fat to Run Kit
  • Clubhouse Memberships
  • Plus many more

IMG_8542 4Plus, anyone who meets or exceeds their December mileage goal will go into a separate prize draw for a pair of Vasa Bla Wireless Headphones worth £79

My Countdown to Christmas Challenge is seriously my favourite online challenge, we always have so much fun…and women always report back that they wouldn’t remain so active without the accountability of the closed Facebook group.

Sign up for just £25…anyone who signs up today goes in a draw for a £100 TFTR goody bag, to be announced on the 1st December.

Join up NOW for some Too Fat to Run Christmas Cheer!!!

All abilities welcome

No need to be overweight but fine if you are

Can be based anywhere in the world

No pressure, do as much or as little as you can

There will be women running 10 miles, and women running 110 miles…its the taking part that matters, we are all in it together!!!

  1. I need this motivation!!! Although I think my realistic target is 10 miles!!! Can’t wait to keep up with your progress!!!

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