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Can you remember the first single you ever bought?

I can clear as day…in fact it was my first ever CD…in around 1993…I didn’t even have a CD player, but my brother Gary had recently acquired one and I figured I could sneak into his room when he was out to play it.

My first ever single was Gabriel with her smash “Dreams do come true”

Ahhhh memories hey.

I loved that track. I listened to it over and over again. I can even remember going to a disco where they played that track and then kissing a boy and thinking boy that track has some super powers.

Those glory days of being a teenager hey?

It’s funny because I grew up with such mixed messages about dreaming. I came from a household where on the one hand it was all “well if you don’t ask you don’t get” and “Its worth a shot” to, well “don’t get ahead of yourself” and “Well who do you think is going to pay for that”

I don’t think that conflict has ever quite left me because I still do flip between thoughts of anything is possible and life is so bloody hard what’s the point in setting goals (I know even me)

In 2010 I set myself the goal of running a marathon…I didn’t care which one, I just wanted to run one…I didn’t even know there was a ballot for the London marathon that’s how clueless I was, but ended up getting a charity place with Great Ormond Street…and achieved my dream 2 years later.

By this time my blog…The Fat Girls Guide to Running was in full flow and a few months and one baby later I found myself writing a blog post called “My Bucket List of Marathons” like I believed there would be more…I’m not sure quite how I thought this might happen as a new parent of a small child and someone who hadn’t put her running shoes on for over a year…but there it was.

On that list was

London….which obviously I had already done and then,

  • Brighton
  • Loch Ness
  • Athens Classic Marathon
  • Marathon de Medoc…for thee wine obviously
  • Mount Everest Marathon
  • The Big Five Marathon
  • New York Marathon
  • San Fransisco Marathon
  • Great Wall of China Marathon

Now remember at the time I was unemployed and pretty much a non-runner not knowing if I would ever get back into the sport…but a girl can dream right?

And it’s not like I had to put any pressure on myself it was just a list to say…hey if anyone is listening and wants to send me on an all expenses trip to run one of these (and pay for someone to mind my child while I do it) here I am!!!

And this was before I knew bloggers actually get these kinds of opportunities.

A few months after writing that blog post I saw an advert from a small charity who had places for Brighton…I had started running again building up to parkrun, and I thought “what the heck” and signed up…I needed the accountability, I needed the new challenge.

To be frank, I don’t think I ever looked at that list again until yesterday.

I didn’t need to because I knew the races on my bucket list…and even if I didn’t do anything to actively make them happen, I somehow had a belief that if it was supposed to be then it would.

And it has.

Because yesterday…and I am so super pumped to share this with you…I got a ballot place for the New York City Marathon in November….this is my dream race, and if I never run another race in my life after this I will be happy with my lot having done this.

The New York City Marathon…imagine that?

I don’t know how it happened…other than actually entering the ballot and thinking it would be a wonderful thing to do. The universe has somehow conspired to help me on this occassion.

And do you know what, I am a firm believer that if you give the universe something to work with, have faith and are willing to be open to opportunities coming your way then….yes your dreams can come true.

Now I know a lot of the negative nellies will be like

Yeah its OK for you you are a blogger…this is what you do


I could never afford that anyway…or who would even have my kids

That kind of stuff sorts itself out.

Because trust me I have those thoughts for a while too. I haven’t even asked my sister if she will have my daughter for the weekend yet. But having checked flight costs yesterday they are half the price I thought they would be…and I have already had two offers of places to stay for FREE.

You just have to have faith and take action.

Seriously. This. Shit. Works

I have a billion examples of how by setting my intention, visualizing it actually happening, having faith, taking inspired action…brilliant stuff falls into my lap.

And I love showing other women how this works.

Because it does.

It works.

It is called the Law of Attraction or the power of the universe, or luck or manifesting, or good juju…like seriously call it what you want but once you know The Secret (and yes that is a book and a film) you will start to believe that anything is possible?

Don’t believe me?

As many of you will know in the past 18 months I have been starting to offer life coaching programmes for women who want to work with me on things that are not necessarily running related. Last spring I ran a programme called Setting and Achieving Big Fat Stupid Goals, and this year that has morphed into a programme called Living a Bigger Life.

The next live cohort is not until May, but if you are ready to start exploring some of this before then I have made this course available as a self-study course, so you can work through all the key concepts in your own time…and then join the live group at a discount if you want to later in the year.

The course costs just £149 and lasts for 10 weeks.

I guess the questions you need to ask yourself are,

  • Am I doing anything to make my dreams come true
  • Do I even have any dreams
  • Have I given up on the idea of dreams
  • Do I feel worthy of getting what I want
  • Do I believe this stuff actually works

I can help you with all of that.

But you have to take action…because that my dear is how this works.

If you are ready to take action, give the universe a helping hand and have faith that your dreams can true, check out more about what the 10-week course includes.

Have a wonderful weekend and remember to dream big and to dream often.

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