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On a hot summers day after a long hard race, do you collect your medal, meet up with your loved ones and then head for the nearest pub…or is that just me?

Now I have always liked an alcoholic drink, ever since going off to university and discovering snakebite and blackcurrant (or pints of purple as we called it) so yes you could say that alcohol has played an important role in my social life.

But then I discovered running and I found myself with a bit of a problem on my hands.

I love parkrun on a Saturday morning, but I also like going out socialising with friends on a Friday night.

And running with a hangover is never any fun…trust me I’ve tried.

So something had to give.

Now we have all seen the comedy slogans

I run so I can drink wine

Or the running clubs that describe themselves as

A drinking club with a bit of a running problem

But jokes aside, managing your alcohol intake to compliment your running training can be a challenge, especially when it comes to marathon training….and aside from the whole running thing many women these days sadly use alcohol in a similar way to food, as a crutch, as self medication and it can have a really negative affect on your general health and happiness.

Now I am not judging…and I am by no means an expert on this topic, so throughout November in the Clubhouse we are working with the awesome organisation Club Soda who support people who want to make changes when it comes to their relationship with alcohol,

Laura Willoughby MBE is the founder of Club Soda, she gave up drinking four years ago and says…

When I quit drinking alcohol I was struck by the fact that there was very little online to support me. Run a marathon, lose weight, stop smoking – they all have a host of tools and forums, but I drew a blank on stopping drinking.

Our motivation is simple. We feel happier and healthier because we’ve changed our drinking, and we want to make it possible for more people to do the same and be successful.

We want Club Soda to help you make the change you want. We are continually learning and developing so you can pick the tools and techniques that suit you.

So if you are training for a marathon and having to face the realisation that you and booze might have to part for a little while, or you are just getting into running and feeling like a booze free lifestyle is already a bit of a scary thought, we are going to explore these issues together and find solutions to help us be happier and healthier runners with or without alcohol in 2017.

The fun starts tomorrow….so don’t delay, sign up to The Clubhouse for just £59 now so I can add you to the closed Facebook Page and get you enlisted on our month long challenge.

The Clubhouse is our online running club which is specifically designed for plus size runners. We have members from all over the world and its a great way of feeling part of a running community and getting the support and accountability you need to see progress with your running.

Each month we focus on a different theme and bring in guest experts, all of the resources, videos, downloadable templates are then stored for you to use as you need them. You also get a weekly training session to try too, and we encourage virtual training buddies and race meet ups.

Sign up now, I promise you that you won’t regret it


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