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Thought I would start the week off on a more positive note as last week was pretty difficult for me. So I have summoned the support of a fellow blogger Emma Banks to help me on this quest. Her guest blog explores the concept of planning for success, in particular starting your day off right – which for me is key to having a “good” rest of the day.

I look at planning in all areas of my life (but particularly my fitness) as the absolute key to success, so if you continually refuse to plan its as if you have a big fat padlock on your weightloss and fitness goals. Why would you do that to yourself?

Anyway, enjoy!!

The key to feeling great all day is starting your morning off the right way. Success starts with a strong routine that is based on organization. By establishing a consistent morning schedule, you can look forward to days filled with satisfying accomplishments.

Kick start each morning by rising out of bed early. When you wake up at an early hour, it’s common to feel that you are ahead of the game and poised for success. You’re less likely to feel pressed for time, and able to give each daily task the proper amount of attention to get things done right. You’ll start off your day with confidence and pride in your abilities. Organization should start from the moment you set out to get things done, prioritizing the tasks that lay before you will allow you to proceed with a plan and lessen the chance that you will leave tasks unfinished throughout the day. It can be difficult for some to wake up early, giving in to the belief that they’re just not a “morning person.” If you are a person that faces difficulty in the early hours, you can help yourself out by planning as much as possible the night before. Iron your laundry, make your lunch, and take whatever action is necessary to allow for more relaxation and enjoyment in your mornings.

Starting your day off early should always involve a healthy breakfast. Eat a healthy meal that includes whole grains and fruits so that you have the energy needed to accomplish as much as possible as your day progresses; the nutritional elements of your meal are the most important factors in setting the stage for success. You can also have this part of your day planned in advance as well. Think skipping breakfast is a good idea? Think again. An empty stomach means feeling tired and faint (and usually grumpy) while trying to accomplish everything on your list.

Exercise is good for more than just weight loss. Many people, myself included, have found that exercising in the morning is the ideal way to jumpstart their mind into action. Once the blood is flowing, it’s much easier to feel energized and have a clear state of mind when it comes to managing the tasks that are on your plate. Establishing some form of exercise as the first element of your daily routine also gives you more structure in the morning. I typically like to fit in a 20-minute run, but if running isn’t your thing, you can pick an activity that better fits your interests. There are tons of cool websites that help you keep track of your progress. I use this one, but do some research and find one that works for you and your morning routine!

Emma Banks is a wife and mother of two who consistently seeks out new ways to live a fulfilling life of her own, while also caring for her family. With an interest in a variety of hobbies and willingness to try new things, she keeps a blog to share her thoughts as she attempts to fit it all in.

You can read more from Emma at smileasithappens.blogspot.com

So tell me, did you do any planning this morning seeing as it is the start of a new day and a new week…or what about last night? Did you think about how this week would be different from last? What strategies have you put in place to ensure this week is a successful one?


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