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I arrived REALLY thirsty, a little ironic really seeing as it was a product launch for a new brand of water.

Earlier on in the day I had foolishly decided I would cycle, on my newly fixed bike. The journey was roughly 7 miles but it felt much more than that peddling along the busy Mile End Road, and it was more than 7 miles in the end because I got completely lost and cycled round Bloomsbury trying to find the venue, resulting in me arriving 10 minutes late and a little flustered.

glaceau smartwater UK LaunchI was promptly ushered into the white event space where an immersive experience was taking place…all I wanted was a bleeding drink of water after my stressful journey but instead I stood in a small dry ice filled room bursting at the seams with gorgeous women while the hosts told us all about this new brand of bottled water. I felt just a tad out-of-place in my bright pink “Too Fat to Run?” hoodie, neon cheeks, and with the occasional bead of sweat dripping from my brow for good measure, I obviously didn’t get the memo from the PR company about the hair and makeup requirements.

Focus Julie, you are here to find out about Glaceau Smart Water I told myself, wondering just how smart a bottle of water could be?

exp_smartwater_137_webCue the Danish (I think) water expert who in his dulcet tones explained the vapor distillation process in great detail, a little like how a wine expert would describe the vintage etc…you can  see I know very little about wine either.

I shifted my weight nervously from foot to foot, and at one point I thought I might get the giggles as he explained the purification process that simulates the hydrologic cycle – the way water is purified in nature. I mean even I know that water comes from the clouds when it rains. It felt like being back at school again, and I fought the urge to be disobedient.

“Drinking should be joyous, one drink should lead to another” well it normally does in my case, just not with this type of clear stuff.

“It’s just blinking water”

I wanted to scream at the top of my voice, but I had pictures of a Coca-Cola funded S.W.A.T team dragging me out (SMART water is a coca cola brand by the way), besides all of the other fitness bloggers seemed to be taking it very seriously as they were invited to meditate, and cleanse their palette in time for the tasting.

FINALLY…I could have a drink.

But hang on…nope the ladies handing out the water are only doing so to the well-behaved, well turned out, colour coordinated peeps sitting on the white benches emerged in the experience because they arrived on time…oh..ok..no.. so there are some left over bottles after all for us not so compliant loiterers by the curtains. Phew!!

As I slowly opened the cap on the larger than normal bottle of water I braced myself for something spectacular…I mean these guys had talked it up a fair bit, it had to be good.


Well it was…



Refreshing – Everything a bottle of water should be.

Did it taste different from other waters? hmmm I’m not sure that my taste buds are refined enough to tell, and in all honesty I was just grateful to be rehydrating myself after that long cycle ride through Central London.

OK so I am being quite mean here.

The water was very nice and very tasty. In fact I stopped myself from gulping it down in one go and sipped it like the lady that I am, letting the cool liquid permeate around my mouth (Now I sound like the Danish guy right?)

glaceau smartwater UK LaunchWell the fun didn’t stop there as after a short talk from athlete Tim Weeks about the importance of hydration we were being treated to a yoga session from Fat Budda Yoga (Which in truth was the selling point for me coming to this gig in the first place), but hang on a minute…The Fat Budda was not FAT, in fact I doubt Jessica had even a molecule of fat on her well toned, petite golden body. She was, I mean is GORGEOUS!! I so wanted to hate her for being that attractive, but she was far to sweet for me to get away with doing that (even behind her back) so I took off my shoes and prepared for my yoga session.

Now let me explain. Me and Yoga do not really get on. It’s one of those things I want to do, but I have just done too many classes that I have absolutely hated to get into it. Normally it’s because the instructor has neglected me, or poked me too much, or tried to lure me to some spiritual place I didn’t want to go. But this girl was good, I could have listened to her and her accompanying soundtrack for hours. Only problem was I am still carrying a foot injury and certain poses were posing (See what I did there?) a bit of a problem, so I sat out the second half of the session, which was just as well because it did get quite technical then.

I was enjoying myself though, relaxing, sipping my Smart Water and eyeing up all those toned bodies doing things I only dream about. The whole session was so calming, might have been all those electrolytes in the water perhaps??

After picking up another two bottles to take home with me, I fought the early evening traffic and pondered on how I would write this post, I mean this is the girl who pretty much lives on tap water (on my bloggers salary that’s all I can afford *sniff *sniff) but after reading all the promotional materials at home and thinking about some of the things that were said in the presentations I can maybe see where they are coming from, bottled water should be enjoyable, it should be pure and free from impurities, and it should also taste great…its not my fault I don’t have a distinguished palate or much class to be considered their greatest ambassador.

Kylie Minogue  - glaceau smartwater UK LaunchKylie Minogue beat me to that role anyway, having attended earlier in the day to launch the product. On reflection I am glad I chose the 4pm slot, I’d take yoga with a room full of hot women over having to stand next to Kylie for photos any day…I am cringing now at just how ridiculous the height and size difference would look. Talk about give a girl a complex for life.

But lets finish on a more positive note. Despite my bad behaviour at the launch, Glaceau Smart Water have agreed to be the official water supplier for our upcoming Fat Girl Run Clinic retreat, just another reason to book your place now.

Come along on the 27th September and you can judge it yourself but remember no gulping please.

  1. September 4, 2014

    I don’t think my taste buds are refined enough either! I picked up a bottle of Glaceau from Tesco on my way to work the other morning. I do like the packaging though – nice and simple.

    • September 4, 2014

      And that is important I think. If trendy packaging makes people drink more water and they are not paying the earth for it then it’s all good in my books!!

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