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This time last year I was over the Olympic Park in East London close to where I live with model turned marathon runner Nell McAndrew, a small group of nervous plus size runners and a TV crew…and just my luck it was blowing a gale.


This was the team after their 5k race

This was the last prerecorded section before our live 5K run in Central London for This Mornings feature Run for Your Life on ITV that I was heading up.

The whole programme was based around my 5 weeks to 5k mindset and running system whereby I took 3 non runners and in just 5 weeks prepared them for their first run by getting right to the heart of the fears and barriers that often stop women from seeing any progress with their running.

They did amazingly, all 3 finishing the race in under 50 minutes and with live TV crews following them in the rain…pressure or what.

5 Weeks to 5K EbookThe 5 weeks to 5K programme continues to go from strength to strength. The book has sold more than 1000 copies and is now available as a paperback on Amazon, and over the past 6 months we have also seen 250 women go through our innovative online programme.

Our March cohort is doing particularly well and in just over 2 weeks time they will be testing themselves over the 5K distance as part of #OneBigFatRun and we are currently signing up ladies for May So. yesterday I was in the Olympic Park again with a film crew, this time it was for a top secret promo video we are making for an exciting new development which I will be telling you all about in a few days time. A small group of Too Fat to Run ladies were interviewed to find out how TFTR programmes differ from existing running programmes and how it has impacted on their lives.


Fletcher Wilson a film company who specialise in telling stories through their filmmaking did an incredible job of putting the women at ease (its not the most comfortable thing to do being in front of a camera after all) and the women’s testimonies were very, very powerful. For me it felt really strange hearing the feedback first hand and it reassured me that we are absolutely going in the right direction with our work.

“Its the support that makes the difference” said one lady
“being virtual means I can fit it around my life, and I don’t feel guilty if I miss a session” said another

And all of them spoke about how it actually wasn’t just about the running, as within our Facebook driven support groups you can talk about any of the difficulties you are facing in life and women will encourage or support you, which makes all the difference when you are having a tough day.

The Too Fat to Run programme is about to be thrust into the limelight like never before and I feel equally nervous and excited by this, and can’t wait to see how the next few weeks pan out.

April and May have always been a busy time for us, and this year my head feels like it might explode with all the exciting things that are coming up

  • The launch of my super duper top secret fingymagig on the 18th April…which I really want to tell you about now but am not going to until everything is place (but watch this space)
  • The Clubhouse is going to be taking new members again
  • Launch of exciting new Too Fat to Run merchandise
  • The Running Awards 2016
  • London Marathon
  • A trip to the Geneva Marathon (I’ll have to tell you about this in another post)
  • Too Fat to Run at the Hackney Half (you can sign up before Monday)
  • The Be a Gamechanger Awards

And of course

Phew I am tired thinking about it all.

Anyway I just thought I would give you all a heads up and fill you in (a bit) on the plan.

Want to get involved during this busy time?

  1. Come and help cheer on our ladies at our London Marathon Cheering Spot between Mile 10 and 11 in Bermondsey (full details announced next week)
  2. Join our May 5 weeks to 5k online programme 
  3. Order some kit and help represent the brand while training or racing (we have new headbuffs)
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