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Big news….Santa is on his, ooooppps I mean her way…so the big question is have you been good this year?

Now, define good????

So anyway, I have been putting off posting about this, as I am still very much in denial that the summer is actually over, but with Halloween and Bonfire Night already gone and Black Friday on its way…I can’t lie to myself anymore.

Iiiiiiiitttttttssssss Chhhhhhrrrriiiiiissssssttttmmmmaassss.

Well not quite, but you know what I mean. The ads are on the Tv, the shops are playing those songs (come on you know those songs) on repeat…its all about the countdown isn’t it?

So let me ask you this?

How long until you give up completely on any fitness, self care…or even having 5 minutes to yourself without being asked where the cellotape is?

Well I have the perfect solution for you.

The Too Fat to Run Countdown to Christmas Challenge 2017

xmas-challenge-shop-450x675A 31 day “no pressure” fitness challenge to keep you motivated, inspired and sane during the festive season.

This will be the 4th year we run this programme with women from the Fat Girls Guide to Running community, with more than 800 women having taken part so far…and with women reporting back each year that it’s always a good laugh and a good distraction from the madness that is Christmas.

So what exactly am I proposing?

Come on…you don’t think I am going to give it away that easy do you? That would be like knowing what is inside each and every one of your xmas pressies, or knowing which joke you are going to get in your cracker before you have pulled it.

Think of this like an advent calendar for grown ups…and don’t worry you can buy yourself one of those nice Cheese or Gin ones if you like too…a daily treat, a gift sent with love, an opportunity to escape and have a few moments of inspiration and a good laugh.

What I can say about the programme is that you will be welcomed into a private Facebook group with a bunch of women just like you. Each week there will be a different fitness challenge, that EVERYONE will be able to take part in, no matter their ability.

– There will be videos from me, including a special xmas day speech…like the Queens, just slightly more down to earth.
– There will be prizes….GOOD PRIZES…race entry, gadgets, kit, signed books, food & drink, coaching with me and of course rewards for good behaviour.
– There will be shameless red faced posts, live workout videos, disclosure of hideous gifts and a whole heap of mischievous antics from your fellow participants

What there won’t be any of though…

– Body shaming
– Diet Talk
– Feeling crap because you missed a session
– Stupid competativeness
– Pointless “Does my bum look big in this” pictures

Well not if I can help it.

What have you got to lose?


More importantly, what have you got to gain?

The fun starts on the 1st December, but the deadline for signing up is midday on the 20th November…plus, sign up before midday today and get a £5 off present from me.

Sign up here

If you snooze you lose ladies, so sign up NOW!!!.

This is a women only programme, but is inclusive to women of all shapes and sizes, and all fitness levels. We will have women from all over the world taking part.

Get involved and see what the Too Fat to Run online programmes are all about.

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