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It ain’t half been hot recently in the UK

Now listen guys I am a summer baby, I love the sunshine, I love how from my birthday (in early June) right the way through to mid September the pace of life changes for me, and for a change I’m not all, work, work, work all the time, and actually try to have a life of some sort.

Trips to the park, weekends away, music festivals, BBQ’s…I just want to do more when the weather is nice.

But, the problem with this though is finding the time and the motivation to want to work out and stay active during this time. So…OK we have more daylight hours and this summer at least we haven’t been plagued by rain…its nice to have nice weather but come on let’s face it, it is also a bit of a distraction…and sometimes it just is too hot all together.

So whats the solution?

I think you just have to be creative in your scheduling and to some degree accept that exercise is seasonal and not beat yourself up about it.

But I have also come up with a cunning plan to keep everyone moving this summer, and I am incredibly excited to be launching our brand new summer programme…Core Blimey, It’s Hot


Working with personal trainer Sophie Kay and UK Fitness Blogger Founder Helen Tamblin Saville we have an incredible 6 week programme planned for you, which will focus on developing core strength but also an accumulative mileage challenge where you tally up your run, walk, hike, bike, swim, kayak, rowing miles over this period too.

You want in? Click HERE!!!

We start on Monday 17th July, but we will be doing some pre challenge challenges too…so sign up ASAP.

As much as I would like to just put off exercise and go into holiday mode, I have an ultra marathon to prepare for and an October marathon, so its simply not an option.


Sign up today and see just how much fun we can have this summer….exercise doesn’t have to be a chore, and we are determined to show you how much progress you can make without having to sacrifice all the fun that comes with the summer time.

And we promise…NO GET YOURSELF BEACH READY RUBBISH to be found in our programme….have a bikini, get your arse on a beach and voila you already have a beach body duh!!!!

Here is a bit more info about what the programme includes and how it all works

I can’t wait to get started…get involved, you don;t have to be fit, or fat…you do have to be female (just to be clear) but seriously if you have been considering getting involved with one of our online programmes for a while…this is a great one to see how they work.

It costs just £16.99…that’s not even a round of drinks on a barmy summer evening…or a Magnum ice cream each week over the summer…or a pair of Haviana flip flops…come on you get the point…treat yourself to something you are really going to enjoy this summer

Sign up here

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