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P6050941Core Blimey It’s Hot!

As a fellow running blogger at Helsbels, I’m really excited to be working with Julie on her latest programme for summer – Core Blimey It’s Hot!

We got into the running blogger world at similar times and have followed each other for a long time. What stood out to me about Julie is the passion for what she does that oozes from every pore and the positivity of her message. We can all run. So I was really excited to work with her on the spring challenge – For The Love Of Running, where we challenged ladies to say “I can” and fall in love with running after 14 days. It was an enlightening and inspiring experience, seeing women be so honest with each other about their barriers and then the support from others to help them jump over that barrier. When she offered Sophie and I the opportunity to work with her on the summer programme, I didn’t need to think twice.

Core Blimey It’s Hot is a 6 week programme focusing on your core strength (core, blimey!) Costing less than an iced-tea, or cold beer per week, the programme begins on July 17th and we’ll be sending out a video each week with a demo of the core exercises. They’ll also be an accumulative mileage challenge (do it anyway you like), a support group, spot prizes and much more. Like Julie, I’m a mum and I run my own business, so I know how important it is for programmes like this to be flexible. That’s why it’s been set up to do YOUR way, do it with the kids, do it when they’ve gone to bed, get up early, go to the park…it’s YOUR challenge.

As a runner, I know how important it is not to abandon your core. But as a mum, I also know how hard it is to fit time in, and how your body changes can sometimes make it harder. Back when I trained for my first marathon, I made a point of having a designated core day a week, where I copied a DVD and I think it helped with my strength. A strong core helps towards the end of a race, when we’re tired and form starts to slip. And I don’t know about you, but I need to take any help I can get when doing a race!

In October, I’m doing my first trail marathon and I’m terrified and excited in equal measures. It’s the famous Beachy Head and I know working on my core will help to keep me going on those awful hills. Despite all my good intentions, I have abandoned working on my core over the last few months and with Sophie’s exercises being suitable for all, it’s exactly what I need to help me get back on track. Plus, with a great support in the Facebook group, how can any of us possibly lose?

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