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Looking out my window today it is cold and grey and dreary… what I need is something to look forward to next year that is the complete opposite.

Oh yeah I have it

The Too Fat to Run health and happiness retreat in Rhodes in May.

This years retreat was incredible (you can read about it here) and I simply can’t wait to take another group of ladies out on this life changing adventure.

Its 5 months since the May retreat so I thought I would ask the ladies who came on the retreat this time round how life is different now they are home, and what they got from the experience….

Lyndsay Johnston

Not sure I can find the words really, but I’ll try. Is it really only five months ago? It feels like my life as changed so much. I lost my fear of trying something new (the retreat was the first time I had travelled out of Perthshire on my own) so just going was a massive achievement for me. I am so much more active now, run regularly and have found a support network that really works for me. I have tried to use the stamina and strength that I found through running in other aspects of my life. I now have goals that I look forward to achieving and have much more belief in myself and my ability to achieve them. I met people who I am now lucky enough to call my friends and they help me do things I would never of dreamed of otherwise!

Elizabeth Cass Kanti

Since my hypnotherapy session with Donna I have been literally freed from the weight of diet and food obsession. I now eat to appetite, stop when I’m satisfied and have no stress around food whatsoever. I’ve lost 6 kilos since the retreat (a stone) and am still losing it.  I was already running regularly and practicing yoga, but I loved a special session run by Julie which I can’t give too many details on as I think she might do it again next year!

Zoe Davies

I gained belief in myself and lost self doubt. I came away from Rhodes with new life long friends.
I try new fresh healthy foods now and this is a big thing for me (the food was amazing). I cant explain in words the support from the Julie and the team and from the fellow ladies on the retreat. I came away with so much more under my belt then simply running. Oh and i have not laughed so much on a daily basis for years

Micah Senior Hallet

I took a lot from the meditation and I learned sometimes silence is actually a good thing and being still. It was such an amazing experience I also learned to push myself when we did hill sessions. I was so so proud of myself and I have been doing that in everyday life meditation is a regular part of my day and I push myself to the best of my ability weather its physical, college or personal. It was such a life changing trip and I was lucky to go with such amazing ladies. xxx

Eleanor Banks

I gained an amazing group of new friends, more confidence, a reminder that taking time for and doing things for yourself isn’t selfish or a waste of time but essential for your wellbeing. I’ve started running regularly, I eat better, I’ve done a couple of 5k ‘races’ which I never dreamed I’d do (and probably still wouldn’t have without the first being a retreat meet-up!) and signed up for a couple of 10ks. Sometimes I wonder who I am now! Particularly when I looks at a washing line full of exercise gear or realise that the thing I’m most excited about on my days off is trying a new running route.

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