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Imagine how awesome it would be to get a whole heap of overweight women running on the same day of the year from all corners of the UK in a show of solidarity, in an act of defiance smashing stereotypes as they go… in fact scratch that why not involve women from all corners of the world?

Think it can be done?

Well…we have kind of been doing this for the last 3 years with One Big Fat Run our FREE virtual 5K…but next month we are talking this concept to a whole new level, with the ambitious target of getting 10,000 women running on the 31st July.

Yes you read that right TEN THOUSAND!!!!

One Big Fat Run started as a concept back in 2013 out of frustration because after having my daughter 3 years ago I didn’t feel like I belonged anywhere in the running world after losing all of my fitness and putting on a whole heap of weight. My love for running was still strong having completed my first marathon just 18 months before…but I didn’t feel ready to run with other people, well not in real life anyway?

Starting on twitter using the hashtag #OneBigFatRun and a graphic I knocked up on Powerpoint I managed to recruit 160 ladies from around the world to get involved and run their 5K and then post about it on social media.

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Every month after we continued to grow our tribe, 200 women, 300 women..even the odd man. We soon started getting groups of women running it together. Strangers from our online running club meeting up for the first time to run it together.

We introduced a printable race number, branded t-shirts, a medal…and then we migrated over to Facebook to make it easier for people to connect and talk in the lead up and after the actual event.

I even made this cheap and cheerful video to give people a taste of what happens each month…I warn you its a bit of a tear jerker.

So whats the big plan for this?

11027952_10155717829340492_4118697214721867322_nI know that with some real investment to create the technology and marketing systems to grow this event #OneBigFatRun could become an incredible movement both online and offline, and I have all kind of crazy idea for reaching my target of getting 1 million women running before 2020.

I know, I know….getting 10,000 women to commit to this in just 30 days is a big ask, and it only represents 1% of this mahusive goal, but its a start right? A fabulous start in proving the concept and showing the world that running really doesn’t have a size.

So sign up today…right this minute and help us spread the word on social media and in real life.

  1. Sign Up
  2. Print Your Race Number (you will receive it by email)
  3. Order a Medal (For just a tenner…if you are into your bling)
  4. And a Limited Edition Tshirt if you want to look the part

And simply be part of this exciting mass participation on a shoestring budget event.

If you are part of a running group why not organise a group run, even if you are not…why not get your friends and family, or work colleagues together to test the concept?

onebigfatrun 2016 fb ambassador badgeBecome an ambassador and help me get the message out there…you can use this Ambassador badge

Can’t make Sunday 31st July…no problem, any day reasonably close to the official date will do.

Want to run it on a treadmill, or with the dog, or as part of another event…no problem…your race, your rules…in fact its not a race…we don’t even want to know your times cos they don’t matter, your participation however does.

Not yet running? No problem, walking, jogging or a combination of both is fine too…or you could join our online running programme 5 weeks to 5k to get you running in time for the big day

How else am I going to hit this ambitious target hey?


If you want to go fast you go alone, but if you want to go far you go together

Download and use our digital flier and badges on social media…get involved.

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