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I’ve never been one for speed related running goals really. When I take on a race I kind of know roughly how long its going to take me to get round based on lots of years of experience. I tend to have 3 time goals

1. Best Case Scenario
2. Will be Happy with
3. Worst Case Scenario

This is really useful for a 10K or half marathon, as it gives you something to focus on and work towards both in the training and in the race.

For a 5K though I’ve never been consistent, my parkrun times range from 48 minutes to 30.07

I would like to go sub 30…just because I like the idea of it as a challenge, not because I think it makes me a “proper runner” or anything like that.

scream-mockupWhen I first had the idea to write a book about improving my speed I set that as my target and got a bit obsessed about it…on the day I got 30.07 at Hackney parkrun back in 2014 I had forgotten my Garmin so had no way of checking my speed. I simply ran as fast as I could and hoped for the best. If I knew I was just 8 seconds away from sub 30 minute glory I wonder if I would have found something extra?

So anyway…the goal is back on…and the training starts on Monday.

I have to go from a 34ish minute 5K to a 29.59 one….or any number starting with a two will be fine.

I won’t be doing it alone though I have 123 ladies coming along for the ride, because on Monday morning we begin the second cohort of Scream if you want to run faster where we will collectively be trying to know 5-10% off our 5K PBs, with the 7 techniques found in my book.

You can join us if you like, the programme costs £39.99 for the 8 weeks and you get downloadable templates to help track your improvement, weekly coaching from me, and a closed Facebook group where you can ask advice and find accountability.

My only ask is you sign up before midday on Sunday

Here is some of the feedback from the November cohort

Graphic3 Graphic4 Graphic2 graphic1

So in 8 weeks time, on Saturday 25th March I will be attempting a sub 30 5K…with the eyes of the world watching me…well that is what it will feel like.

Now thats the kind of accountability that makes you get out of bed and train right?

Well we will see.

I will report back in 8 weeks how I get on.

“Scream if you want to run faster” is available as an ebook and paperback from Amazon, with heaps of 5 star reviews and already messages talking of unexpected PBs from its readers.

Our 8 week Scream if you want to Run Faster online programme runs just 3 times a year, helping women to improve their speed and confidence.

Click here to register for this months cohort

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