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I need your help guys.

Over the last few months a number of people have said to me after hearing about my blog, “oh you should read that book, you know “Run Fat Bitch Run”, and I figured that perhaps I should as it seems we have a shared interest.

So I picked it up from my local library today (a little apprehensively I might add) I was a little reluctant to buy it, ie put money in the pocket of someone who thinks it’s ok to encourage fat people to call themselves “fat bitches”, but I guess I had to read it before passing judgement so freely.

The thing is, I’m a few chapters in and although I agree with some of the running advice in the book, I still find myself a little uncomfortable with the author dishing out advice to overweight ladies when she admits herself she has never really been fat.

Now don’t get me wrong I embrace the word FAT, as it is one of those Ronseal titles, everyone knows what it means, hence the name of my blog…I suppose it just feels wrong to have someone who doesn’t really understand the complexities of being a true overweight runner dishing out such harsh motivational advice.

I mean there is a huge difference between someone with a bit of a muffin top forcing themselves to run to shift some pounds and an overweight runner who has over 3 stone of extra weight and close to 20 years attachment to their fatness attempting the same.

So guys, help me out am I being too sensitive here? Is it ever ok for someone who is not overweight to have this tough love approach to kicking us big girls into shape? Anyone else read this book? What’s your verdict?

Grit Doctor – I’m happy to hear your views if you are reading this!!


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