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Do you remember that video that went viral in 2015 about Active Wear, you know the one that went…

Activewear, activewear, buying groceries in my active wear
Activewear, activewear, having coffee with my friends in my activewear

You can check out the video here if you haven’t seen it.

But basically it was a massive piss take of girls that literally live in their activewear but without actually doing anything active

Being hungover in my activewear
Smoking a cigarette in my activewear
Doing literally nothing in my active wear

Yes, it was very funny…yet funnily the trend for wearing activewear is still going strong.

As a fitness blogger and home based entrepreneur I am not going to lie, I spend half of my life in activewear…if you see me in Jeans and a smart top, or dare I say it a dress and heels, you know there’s something interesting occurring.

The point is though I do actually train 4-5 times a week so its no wonder. And what I have found is if I put my kit on first thing in the morning I am more likely to do a yoga session in my front room, or run to go and pick up my daughter from nursery…if I am in jeans then that just ain’t going to happen because it’s too much of a faff getting changed. Right?

When I had a local authority office job I used to really struggle with the whole dressing corporate thing, and would look over to the sports team in their track suits and trainers with real envy. When I started training for the London Triathlon in 2006 though something had to shift. I was cycling to and from work and going to the gym or for a swim in my lunch break so I had to start changing up my work look.

Just before xmas I got the opportunity to do a photoshoot with Evans Clothing all about active/leisure wear.

The day before the shoot I came down with an awful cold so wasn’t feeling my perkiest on the day, but they looked after me really well and in the end I really enjoyed the shoot. I was a little apprehensive about what they would dress me in but I relinquished any sense of control and just went with the flow….it was great fun and I got to try on clothes I normally wouldn’t try.

Here’s a breakdown of my 3 outfits

sporty1. Sporty but nice

This is probably the closest to actual running kit of the 3 outfits and it felt really comfy on and quite flattering especially seeing as I normally stick to black leggings.

The white tee is just a great staple to team up with leisure wear. I would definitely feel OK dashing to my daughters nursery to pick her up in this.

Would need to test it on a long run to see what it was like from a more technical perspective…at a guess I reckon I might end up with the jacket around my waist.

comfy2. Comfy & Cosy

I was most surprised by this outfit. It isn’t something I would normally choose as its very cutesy, but it was so comfortable and I could imagine wearing this to the airport, or when I am just lounging around at home.

With an outfit like this on you can definitely be more active off the cuff, walk instead of get the bus, run around after the kids in the park…or do a bit of yoga in front of the box.

I loved the simple white pumps too.

luxe3. Sports Luxe

This was my absolute fav.

The minute I put on the skirt I fell in love. I don’t wear long skirts like this EVER but the way t was styled was very me. I would wear this to a meeting, or maybe even a date (ooohhhh) and it could so be glammed up if needed be.

I loved the white tee again, and the black bomber was perfect as I am not a big fan of coats as I overheat.

So simple, and would look fab with my Bright Orange Cambridge Satchel

I think their are two main things to consider when buying clothes, activewear or otherwise…

A. Does it bring me JOY…do I look forward to wearing it, does it give me confidence, does it help me feel great, life is too short to wear clothes that don’t make you happy.

B. Is it helping me get to where I am going…is it going to help you achieve your goals for the day, whether that be land a new job, be more active, or get a new PB

I had a fab time doing this feature with Evans…please note this is not a sponsored post, I was not paid for my involvement, however I was sent a £50 gift voucher just before xmas to say thank you for all my involvement with Evans over the last few months. Can you guess which outfit I ordered with that £50

Check out Evans leisurewear range here, and check out our Too Fat to Run technical wear here

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