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It has always been my intention to train up and support an army of Too Fat to Run coaches to deploy around the country.

Female coaches who get what it feels like to be the fattest and the slowest, who understand that not all of us run for weight loss, and for many of us running is a lifeline.

It has taken a while to prove that there is a need for this alongside the more traditional running offer, but we are getting there bit by bit and hopefully will be piloting an in person programme during the summer of 2017.

the basic premise is that coaches would work in their local area, and would deliver Too Fat to Run programmes such as

  • 5 Weeks to 5K
  • Scream if you want to run faster
  • Go Slow Social Runs
  • Half Marathon Training Days
  • Get on Track sessions

Coaches would be supported with ongoing training, resources and marketing support, and would have opportunities to progress within the organisation to provide support at a regional or national level.

Coaches will need to have the Leadership in Running Fitness from England Athletics or an equivalent qualification, and would pay for an annual licence from Too Fat to Run for the use of our branded programmes.

Coaches would then keep all monies made through coaching sessions, plus commission on any kit or online programmes purchased by participants.

If you would like to be added to the mailing list for potential coaches please add your details below. We will be in contact when we roll our coaching programme out in 2018