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I love soup.

I could live on soup (clearly I don’t, but I could)

I love tinned soup, chilled soup, home made soup…although I draw the line at packet soup.

I just find it so convenient, and I never get bored of it.

I often make my own soup, but I’m not the greatest cook so its a bit hit and miss. So chilled or tinned soup is what I eat the most of.

When I worked in an office, you could always find a few tins in my desk draw…you know for those days where you can’t leave the office?


Baxters Soup got in touch a couple of week and asked if I would like to take part in a challenge all about soup…so you can guess what my response was. It also helps that they are a Scottish brand…my Grandad was from Glasgow and I grew up on these as a kid.

Here’s a wee bit of the companies history…nabbed from their website.

In 1868 George and Margaret Baxter, borrowed £100 to open a small grocery shop in Fochabers, Scotland producing jams and jellies. They started out with a mission: ‘Be different, be better’.

Since then we have endeavoured to do just that, ensuring each recipe created is one of which we can be proud. All the care and attention that goes into ingredient sourcing and recipe development means you will only receive the very best from Baxters.

So my box of soup arrived and the delivery guy said “You want a hand with that love, its heavy” come on, its just soup…I do CrossFit don’t you know?

I was rather excited with the selection I had been sent, and I knew they would all be delicious.

IMG_0165I’ve been working from home all week launching a new programme, and scheming about world domination, so the timing was very convenient, and I switched things up each day with oat cakes and Ryvitas to accompany the soup, and a sprinkling of seeds one day, and it’s been great…one less thing for me to think about throughout the week for a start.

You can order 10 tins for a tenner here and try the Souper Swapper Challenge yourself

I also took part in Baxters online quiz to see what kind of luncher I am…turns out I am a conformist…would never have predicted that one. What do you think your lunch says about you?? No judgement here though folks.

Take the quiz here

Now you guys know I rarely talk about nutrition on here, because I am not an expert in this area and you definitely won’t here me talking about calorie counting or dieting….yawn, cos thats just oh so boring!!!


So I will go as far as saying the soups were super tasty, super filling and had either 1 or 2 of your 5 a day vegetable portions….and if you are keeping track on what you are eating, or trying to follow a healthier eating plan, these are a good choice to add to your shopping list.

My favourite of the week was Carrot and Coriander…simply scummy.


It was nice not having to make choices over what to eat every day for lunch, other than the choice of what flavour soup. And we know Soup is souper quick and easy to prepare…so all in all it’s been a great week.

I’d like to say a massive thank you to Baxter’s for sending me the soup and challenging me to try them for a whole week….although I might actually have to do some proper food shopping next week (my little one has been enjoying soup for her tea too, and she says thanks also)

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