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I know many of you are waiting for my blow by blow account of yesterdays Tough Mudder course, however I think I am still in a state of shock and my mind is unable to truly process what it went through during those 4 and a half hours (yes you read that right 270 gruelling minutes of exercise).

So until I am able to put my experiences into some kind of cohesive order I thought I would give you an update on the various war wounds collected at the event and the current state of my battered body. Now bear in mind I was already carrying a shoulder and foot injury from a marquee unexpectantly falling down on my back at a music festival 2 weeks ago which resulted in me doing very little exercise after that, so you can imagine the levels of anxiety I had leading up to this event.

So lets do this (from head to toe)

  • Slightly sunburned face
  • Frizzy unconditioned hair
  • Brown crap keeps collecting in my ears and nose cavities
  • Swollen Lip from bashing it on a wall
  • Swollen glands
  • Grazed chin from same wall incident
  • Aching shoulders
  • Bruised shoulders from carrying a log
  • Bruised inner arms
  • Scrapped elbows
  • Aching wrists (probably from being yanked repeatedly)
  • Aching fingers
  • Black fingernails (despite soaking and scrubbing)
  • Sore achy back
  • Barbed wire cut on shoulder blade
  • Sore obliques
  • Sore core
  • Grazed core from scrapping along the ground
  • Very sore bum glutes
  • Bruised inner thighs from balancing on wall
  • Scrapped and bruised knees
  • Scrapped and bruised shins
  • Badly bruised inner legs (near knees)
  • Sore ankles (from twisting them repeatedly on slippery mud)
  • Black toenails (well black around the edges of the nails as I can’t quite get to them without wincing)
  • Sore second toe (not sure why)

Well that’s it I guess. And here are some rathe rubbish pictures

IMG_4837 IMG_4843 IMG_4859 IMG_4860

I don’t think this list illustrates how much pain I am in though.

I woke this morning and for a moment wondered if I had been in a car crash, even in my stillness I hurt with an all over body ache. But when I tried to get out of bed that’s when the troubles really began.

My quads and my calves are surprisingly not too sore (must be the years of running) which enabled me to walk to the shop unaided to buy ibuprofen, TCP, Arnica Cream and Epsom Salts to help with my recovery. I am also taking in protein to help my muscles recover in the form of protein shakes with each meal.

I have just seen a few photos from the event and can’t wait to do my write up, but the thought of sitting at the computer for more than 5 minutes is not really a possibility at the moment, but it is coming…I have sooooo much to tell you guys!!

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