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So today was the second of my sessions with OSS at London Fields Lido (a place I am truly falling in love with)

Ok so what was different this week?

1. I did not have a hangover
2. I had a proper nights sleep
3. The sun was out, it was glorious
4. I remembered to bring goggles and a swim cap
5. I knew exactly what to expect ie how difficult it would be

And it was.

I felt a bit cheated though. Last week the coach made us do some drills and just some simple lengths so he could assess the group, he said that this weeks session would be more suitable for our needs. It just felt like the same thing to me, lots of drills and lots of 400meter swims. He split us in to 2 groups those who could swim fast and then the rest of us, which in fact was only 5 of us.

It felt quite demoralising, not cos I was in the slow group but because the coach didn’t seem at all bothered about coaching us slowbies. He actually went as far as excluding us from the final exercise cos we wasn’t fast enough. I hope it’s not like this every week.

On a positive note I swam about 50 lengths of a 50 meter pool today, something I would never do off my own back. Mind you I have been watching the Commonwealth Games and heard Mark Foster tell us about the thousands of laps swimmers of international standard do every week in training.

Anyway, it’s still a step in the right direction

  1. October 10, 2010

    Well done for going back for a second week, I should do more swimming… I just can’t find the time at the moment.

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