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Did you know most new years resolutions have been forgotten already by valentines day? The diets have gone out of the window, the gym is a distant memory and you have thankfully been reunited with your local pub once again. Which is why I decided it would be much better to wait until February to launch my exciting new membership scheme The Clubhouse…as we are not about once a year fitness drives around here!! For a long time now women have been telling me that they would like the opportunity to train alongside each other, have a space where they can share their experiences, and I guess a place to feel at home with other plus sized runners. Research that I carried out a few months ago told me that joining a running club ranked really high on the fear scale because many of you are worried about not being fast enough, fit enough…and dare I say it skinny enough. No wonder so many of you continue to run all alone. Yet being part of a running club is what truly helped me to progress and grow in confidence…so there has to be another way. Well guess what…you have found it. The Clubhouse is the worlds first online running club for plussized women, giving you all of the support of a traditional running club but without the pressure of having to run in a group on a set day every week. It has been designed specifically with you in mind and has a unique color coded system that will help you work out where you are now and where you want to get to with your running. So what exactly will I get at The Clubhouse?

  • Weekly social runs based on your current ability level
  • Optional Technique Sessions 
  • Friendly International Buddy System
  • Private Members Area of the website 
  • Motivational Webinars
  • Guest Speakers
  • Free eBooks
  • How to Guides
  • Fitness Challenges
  • 121 Coaching

And all for just £10 per month…amazing right? But unfortuneatly you are going to have to wait just a little while longer to become part of that exclusive club while a select group of ladies test it in advance of its 1st February launch. I am sure they will feedback to you guys over at our friendly Facebook page, but please put a note in your diary to sign up for this in the New Year, especially if you want to take your running up a gear next year (oooohhh that rhymes…I’m a poet and I didn’t know it) But something else to keep you motivated in the meantime… Those of you who have been following my blog for a while will know that in January we always take part in some kind of new year challenge and this year is no different, so once again we will be taking part in Jantastic which will fit perfectly with our Too Fat to Run campaign whether you join The Clubhouse or not. What the hell is Jantastic I hear you cry? Well it’s an online fitness challenge whereby you can run, swim and cycle your way to fitness in a fun and friendly way. A small group of us took part last year but it was only (only she says) a running challenge then…this years plan look much better, especially seeing as I am swimming and cycling much more myself these days. I love the new look of their website, breaking participants down into 4 groups

  1. Sofa Surfer
  2. Occasional Exerciser
  3. Regular Exerciser
  4. PB Chaser

Which one are you? It doesn’t really matter really because everyone is welcome in my team. Yes we have a team…search for Too Fat to Run when you are prompted to join a team. I think we had about 30 ladies take part last year, I am hoping for a team of at least 100 this time round. Do you think we can do it? The challenge starts on January 5th and runs through until the end of March and its FREE, so why on earth wouldn’t you? Sign up now!!

  1. December 16, 2014

    I’ve signed up for Jantastic and looked at the running gear, sadly, as usual, it’s too small 🙁

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