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I can remember the sense of dread I felt following the news that I had a place for The Virgin London Marathon back in 2012.

Back then I didn’t know there was a ballot process, I had just decided a few years earlier that the 2012 London Marathon would be the marathon I would run as part of a Big Fat Stupid Goal I had to prove people wrong and I managed to get a charity place via Great Ormond Street.

I had found out around October time. My running had been sporadic through the summer. I had done a half marathon, but a couple of days after coming back from a summer holiday in Aiya Napa…so it wasn’t pretty.

None of my running was pretty.

I had started out not being able to run to the top of my road…and on most training runs it always seemed to feel like I was back at that starting point.

Signing up to races had been my saviour, without races in my diary I simply didn’t train, and although I did train it was never enough. Plus I was doing it all alone, I had no running buddies, there were no online running resources at the time (or none that I knew off) and I wasn’t part of a traditional running club.

All of that had to change.

Fear does funny things to you.

Yes I had been fearful about my first ever half marathon, Run to the Beat in Greenwich…and there had been walking, but knowing how much this hurt I couldn’t fathom being able to run twice that.

I knew I had to step things up…I had 6 months to get race ready. 6 months to get my brain prepared for the biggest challenge of my life….how the hell was I going to do this?

I knew nothing about marathon running

I had a full time job (working on the 2012 Olympics which was fast approaching)

I had a holiday planned for Dec/January…5 weeks backpacking around South East Asia

I seriously hadn’t thought this through.

But I did it.

I got to the start line of that race feeling confident and ready, well as ready as you can feel for your first 26.2 mile race.

Running your first marathon is like having your first baby, you know its going to hurt you just don’t know how much…oh and the fact that once its done, you swear you will never do it again…although many of us do.

I now have 3 marathons under my belt, 2 of which I have trained for and run as a mother of a small child. This summer I did my first ever ultra too…running 40+ miles in 24 hours…and in 2 weeks time I will be attempting the Beachy Head Marathon.

So yeah I know a thing or two about them now. In fact I would say I am probably an expert…especially in terms of running long distance races in a larger body.

Which is why I am writing a book on the topic which will be out later this year.

And, why I have just launched a training and support programme for women training for a spring marathon. So whether it is your first or one of many, this programme will give you all of the help you need to get you to the start and finish line in one piece.

Want in?

Find out what the package includes. Oh and we start on Monday

Still on the fence?

Not sure if you need support, not even got a place yet? Still considering getting a charity place?

Join me Tomorrow night for a 1 hour webinar/Facebook Live where I will share with you my top 10 tips for committing to and training for a Spring Marathon.

You can sign up for FREE here…and put a reminder in your phone so you don’t forget to join us.

People think marathon running is a solo sport. You couldn’t be further from the truth. nobody ever runs a marathon alone. There are a team of people behind the scenes who have supported, advised and helped along the way.

Don’t go it alone…I am here to help.

If you have any questions about the kind of support I can offer, drop me a line at help@toofattorun.co.uk

And one final request. If you know someone who is running their first marathon…or even their first one in a while, please send them this blog post.

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