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Oh no….it’s already happening.

Easter is still a few weeks away yet the supermarket shelves have been stocked with eggs of the chocolate variety for months and over the weekend my daughter arrived home from her dads with a chocolate bunny…pester power at its most rampant hey?

1930533_814106365384753_8514199926173739798_nI am not a big chocolate fan myself, I’m more a savoury snacker but even I find myself indulging mindlessly this time of year because lets face it the brown stuff is everywhere.

So what better reason than ever to give chocolate up for the month by joining the British Heart Foundations Dechox Challenge. BHF are aiming for 22,000 Dechoxers to come on-board and help raise £1million this year. Last year they had 19,000 brave participants and they helped raise nearly £800,000, so they really are aiming to make DECHOX bigger and better in 2016!

The BHF polled 2,000 adults and found that nearly eight in ten people confessed to thinking about having a sweet treat at least once a day (78%). We aren’t just thinking about the sweet-stuff either; over half admitted to having eaten a share bag or large chocolate bar alone, in one sitting (53%).

When the cravings hit, it seems nothing can stand in a chocoholic’s way, with nearly a third of people eating chocolate past its sell by date (31%) while nearly a quarter (24%) of people held up their hands to eating chocolate that wasn’t theirs without permission.

12717165_813649398763783_8431823390419507403_nHowever, these chocolate habits are far from guilt-free with people going to extraordinary lengths so they can treat themselves. Nearly a third said they exercised in order to have a nibble (30%), or said they are good all week, so they can justify a weekend splurge (32%). Almost a sixth (15%) of people even admitted to skipping meals while one in ten simply lied to themselves about eating the chocolate bar in the first place (11%).

Now here at the Fat Girls Guide to Running we don’t really buy into the whole “Good Food” “Bad Food” way of thinking and believe thats its all about balance and eating what you truly want, but if chocolate is a trigger food for you and is something you struggle to eat ion moderation perhaps now is the perfect time to explore this idea.

If you do want to challenge yourself for the month for a good cause why not join in the fun by signing up here I am going to see if I can last the whole month too!!!

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