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My running hasn’t exactly been what you would describe as consistent the last few months, with my usual routine of evening and weekend running being somewhat disrupted due to limited childcare during these times, but today I had the chance to run, the chance to put down some mileage and I took it.

My prep was all wrong though, its surprising I didn’t give up after the first few miles.

A low carb meal last night, and an unusually early breakfast due to a wet bed (not mine I promise), and I wasn’t able to head out until lunch time either, so the late timings and limited fuelling all seemed a bit strange. Then there was the technology, my phone was only half charged when I left the house and my TomTom was my sports watch of choice to map my mileage, both managed to fail me before I had even got half way.

I wasn’t sure where I was going to run, I just made it up as I went along. Leaving from my Mums house in Forest Gate and heading towards Wanstead. The sun was shining, and although cold it at least felt like Spring was on its way…finally. I took a short toilet break at 2 miles (in a pub, not on the side of the road), and then felt the first pangs of hunger…not a good sign when you still have 8 miles to go. So I bought a tuna sandwich and ate the soft bits sitting on a bench basking in the sun…I threw the crusts in the bin and power walked for 5 minutes through the high street before taking it up a notch again.

There were a few runners along the route, but not as many as I would have expected. I guess they had all been and come back and were now having pub lunches or lounging in front of the TV. My running felt strong considering my lack of training for my upcoming halfs (Berlin in 2 weeks and Hackney in 2 months), I was even more surprised that the sometime present voices in my head had chosen to go on vacation…which was nice of them. My phone battery being dead meant no music, no podcasts, no audiobooks…so instead I kept my brain busy with thoughts about all the exciting things coming up this year.

At the half way point I popped in to see my sister. She is poorly at the moment so I recharged my phone, popped to the shops to pick her up some supplies, and then 20 minutes later I was back off again, this time with some serious hills ahead of me. This part of the route was familiar to me as it forms part of the Roding Valley Half which I have done 3 or 4 times, I missed it a few weeks ago as I was still suffering with a chest infection….and it is a lovely, although hilly route.

I don’t think I have felt as strong or confident as I did running today as I have since the back part of 2015, and I am now really looking forward to taking it up a gear.

My Fitbit (the only bit of kit to still have power come the end of the session) told me I did 12 miles in total (I think it was closer to 10) and I reckon that will do fine as my longest training run before Berlin…I will fit another 10K in, a track session perhaps and a few shorter runs and that will be it.

There are lots of women in the Clubhouse doing their long runs at the moment, so I feel like I am in good company. Its not just about putting the miles in at this stage, its also about keeping mentally strong and acknowledging how far you have come to even get to this point.

Tonight I’ve done a bit of stretching and had a sea salt bath, and now I am all set for the week ahead.

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