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I must admit when I first took up running I was a bit of a fair weather runner. The mere chance of rain or worst still the potential for mud (uuurgghh) and I would simply cancel my training run and wait until things had cleared up. But these days I have learned to embrace the elements and simply take whatever nature has to throw at me, mainly because you can’t wait for a sunny day to run in this country and also because I know that when I get home I have a hot shower waiting for me…and these little beauties.


I first heard about activebod in the Spring last year, when a kind PR company sent me a gift set to perk me up during marathon training. I was a little skeptical at first thinking…no amount of smellies are gonna make this training any more bearable (the highlight being splashed from head to toe by a HGV driving at speed through what looked like a lake in the middle of south london an hour into a 16 mile training run)

But actually once I used the products I realised that actually something as simple as a shower gel can actually boost your spirits and encourage you to pamper yourself as well as torture yourself.

The range is actually quite clever. Developed by skin and sports experts, activbod combines the science of skincare with natural ingredients and the unique needs of sports and exercise enthusiasts to deliver products that help to aid recovery, improve comfort during exercise and banish workout worries.

turnuptheheatrollergelBoth the Turn up the Heat and Cooling Lotion products without a shadow of a doubt helped me get my battered legs back to normal after my London Marathon in April, and the Mind Over Matter balm is a smart little thing really reminding me daily that I am an athlete with its essential oils and unique smell.

I always think that part of the battle when you are a plus size runner is actually is taking yourself seriously as an athlete, OK so you might buy the kit and treat yourself to the occasional physio session, but having products that are there on your shelf reminding you that you are training as hard as everyone else, and that you do deserve to reward your body after each session (with non cake based rewards) is crucial.

I was out in Hyde Park this morning in the wind and rain filming some stuff for an exciting upcoming collaboration, and as my fingers started to turn blue, and my lips started to get a little sore in the wind, I jumped back on the train cold and damp but happy in the knowledge that I had a warm shower to look forward to and my familiar green tubes of awesomeness waiting for me.

travel-kit-1So this weekend we have teamed up with activebod to show our appreciation to all of our amazing plus size runners who get out there in all kinds of weather in the pursuit of health and happiness, and we have a special gift set worth £39 to give away to one lucky lady.

All you have to do to win is post a picture of you needing a shower (mud and rain is optional) on our Facebook or Twitter account telling us why you deserve to win an activebod kit and we will select a random winner from all entrants at 5pm on Monday.

There is also an exclusive discount code for all our Too Fat to Run ladies giving you 15% off using code TFGG15 via their website…why not request this for a xmas present from him indoors or treat an other awesome runner.

Good Luck

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