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As its Fathers Day I had to be Rosie’s interpreter for the day, handing over gifts and messages to her dad that would otherwise remain ungiven/unspoken.

This is just as well really as my ankle is sore from yesterday’s accident at parkrun. I can walk on it and its not swollen, but there is defo pain so I don’t want to do any weight bearing exercise for a few days.

I did pop out to London Fields Lido in Hackney for a quick swim. I decided on the way there that I would do 20 lengths, but I’d had enough after 10…I did push myself to complete them though otherwise it didn’t warrant the journey there and back.

Anyway now I am watching Diary of a Wimpy Kid and struggling to stay awake.

Happy Fathers Day to all the dads out there!!!

  1. Hope the ankle makes a speedy recovery!

    • Thanks, I don’t think it’s thy serious as I can walk and swim and stuff, it just hurts a bit when I wiggle it…I suppose the answer is “don’t wiggle it”

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