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12791110_886485281469090_1814332139227306765_nOn the 14th May a group of fabulous brave, Too Fat to Run ladies from a range of backgrounds will be arriving in Pefkos on the Greek Island of Rhodes to spend a week in a luxury mountain top villa, prioritising their own health and happiness, and investigating the barriers and blockages they may have developed around putting their needs first.

These ladies will be joining us as the first ever delegates at the Too Fat to Run Health & Happiness Retreat…a retreat I hope will happen annually for 12 lucky ladies from our community each year.

Working with both myself and Weightloss NLP/Hypnotherapist Donna Kenney the ladies will have a real opportunity to completely get away from the stress and strains of life back home, and develop tools and coping strategies so that they come back home equipped for the next stage of their health and fitness journey.

Sound like hard work?
Or sound like a welcome break?

The retreat is currently only 2 thirds full, so we have a handful of places left which of course we would love to fill.

We have had a bit of a mixed response to the retreat from our followers, with money being a bit of a block for some, but we also know there are a number of ladies interested in coming out to Greece but are fearful that they might not fit in or are scared of the amount of exercise they will be asked to do…in fact women have been expressing a whole heap of different types of fears…

So I thought I would just clarify a few things

  1. all exercise sessions are optional
  2. there will be women at all fitness levels, including absolute beginners
  3. nobody will be left behind
  4. walking and hiking is just as welcome as running
  5. there will be LOTS of downtime
  6. there will be no 5am wake up calls
  7. there will be lots of talking
  8. there will be lots of sitting alone and writing in your journal
  9. there is no dress code
  10. there will be opportunities to do things by yourself

17km of 21km Feb 2016We have been working really hard on the logistics and schedule, and when I say we I actually mean Elizabeth Cass Konti (last months Runner of the Month) who is our fabulous retreat host on the island…as if she hasn’t got enough on her plate this weekend she is taking part in the Road to Rhodes marathon…where there is a field of less than 100 runners…now how brave is that?

Now I don’t want to give too much away about the programme, but here is an idea of how a typical day will pan out…

Sunrise – Guests will wake up and make their way into the communal area, there will be options for swimming in the villas infinity pool and yoga with a local instructor or quiet time for journalling in one of the many beautiful outdoor area…anyone dying to get up early for a sunset mountain run is more than welcome and this is the most beautiful part of the day in my opinion.

Breakfast – Breakfast will be traditional Mediterranean affair where you grab a plate and help yourself. Guests can eat inside or out, alone or in groups and you will be encouraged to listen to your hunger levels and enjoy the tastes and textures of the food

Mindset Session – Working with Donna and Myself in a group in one of the villas communal areas we will work on a specific topic encouraging sharing of experiences and action planning for solutions. There will be some group hypnotherapy and meditation sessions to help the unconscious mind take everything in

DownTime and Lunch – There will be a nice break in the middle of the day for lunch, snoozing, shopping in town or some lounging around the pool. Later in the day there will be opportunities to book 121 sessions with Donna and Julie

Dinner & Evening Activity – Some ladies might want to go on a sunset hike before dinner, but if not we will mosey on into town to a traditional Greek Taverna where a delicious menu will be on offer, including wine for those who partake. On evenings where we eat in the Villa there will be additional activities laid on including speakers or moonlight fitness challenges.

Bedtime – Guests can retire whenever they see fit, or sit up and talk into the night in the villas relaxing jacuzzi but the evenings will generally be relaxed and respectful for those needing their sleep.

And lets just remind ourselves of what this beautiful villa looks like

12802803_10153981325315477_4388082941805860687_n 12798819_10153981325360477_7188566237999247662_n 12801325_10153981325340477_8260010090061646963_n

Stunning right?

Thats because its what you guys deserve…even if you don’t know it yet.

We have a whole heap of other surprises up our sleeve, with excursions and other fitness challenges and events (Who said something about stairs??), but for now I hope the example day schedule gives you an idea of the vibe we are trying to create.

This is not just about move more and eat less, its not that at all, this is about moving in a joyful exciting way in the quantities that feel right for you, and eating delicious, fresh produce with a few complimentary local delights so you don’t feel like you are restricting in any way.

The whole week will be about you investigating your own thoughts and feelings about food, exercise and self care…you probably won’t want to return home afterwards

If you are interested in coming along please drop us a line to help@toofattorun.co.uk, I am happy to talk through any of the arrangements over the phone, and we can help with booking the right flights etc too.

The price is £1299 for 7 nights including most meals and activities, and there are discounts on offer for members of The Clubhouse or 5Weeksto5k programmes. Return flights from the UK are priced at about £180 at the moment.

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