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For such a long time I fed myself bullshit stories about my running speed.

I’ll never be fast
My default pace is SLOW
A sub 30 5K is just too hard
My life is too busy to train properly now
Running fast is not that important anyway

Who was I kidding? I did want to improve my speeds, if for no other reason than not having to be out so long when training…and also so that I could keep up with friends when training.

It’s not really about the speed, it was more about seeing some kind of improvement for all my efforts.

I wanted to know if it was possible.

It is.

I talk about all of this at length in my new book Scream if you want to RUN Faster, and the 7 techniques you will find in the book absolutely made me face up to the rubbish I had been telling myself all those years.

Just check out these FIVE STAR REVIEWS

I am into my third week (following the books advice), and I feel it’s helpful in relation to longer distances too. I have never run as frequently as I have since reading the book – 7 runs in 15 days including 2 runs of 10km each. I have achieved a Parkrun PB already and I am planning to go a little faster each week.

I loved this book. Really inspiring and thought provoking with lots of practical and achievable ideas for beginner and regular runners alike. Julie has a great ethos and very readable writing style- she’s unique! Buy it (and also her other book, New Year Same You, which is equally brilliant)!

Absolutely love this book!

Order your copy for just £8.99 now…please ha ha


In November last year, I took 100 women from my community and led them through an 8 week programme where we explored each of these techniques in turn…I followed them too of course, and the results were phenomenal.

Nicola          Baseline 52.44               Final Run 48.44
Amanda      Baseline 34.03               Final Run 32.21
Rachel         Baseline 34.25 (PB)      Final Run 33.17
Jamie          Baseline 40.36                Final Run 37.40 ( 36.00 run in week 5)
Leanne        Baseline 34.48                Final Run 32.08 (10K time improved too)
Jenny           Baseline 47.30               Final Run 43 (Almost 5 minutes)

And the biggest shock of all…..

ME!!! 43.27 Final Run 33.39 (Almost 10 minutes off) You can read about it here 

So, we are about to do it all over again ladies, with another cohort of 100 ladies. That’s 8 weeks of 3 runs a week, with coaching and advice from me and a closed Facebook group for accountability and support from the other ladies.

Do you reckon you could do it?

My goal is to go sub 30 minutes by 25th March…fancy joining me in that challenge? I know a sub 30minute 5k is a goal for lots of women.

The challenge starts this Monday, and you need to sign up ASAP if you want to take part.

Come on, make 2017 the year you get faster, stronger and more confident in your running.

Sign up here


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