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People often ask me what the best time to take up running is, or what time of the year I like running most and the Autumn wins hands down.

In January when most people tie up their trainers with renewed enthusiasm, filled with new years resolutions…well…the weather is still shite here in the UK, and the roads, canal paths and parks are chocka block with newbies and also folk training for Spring marathons…it is not nice at all, and it is no wonder that most new comers to the sport have long given up by Valentines day.

For me September is the perfect time to start or restart running, and here is why…

  1. The Weather – I love the sunshine and the heat of summer, but I don’t want to run in it thank you very much. Autumn weather is much cooler but still warm enough to not have to layer up and wear gloves and hates etc. Ok so there might be a little rain or some unusual hot weather but still you are more likely to get a clear run of good weather from September through to end of October.
  2. Daylight hours – Nobody likes running in the dark…you know HAVING to run in the dark, and in September you can run in the morning and quite late into the night and enjoy daylight. We haven’t yet got to that bit of the year where you leave the house in the dark and return to it in the dark. This gives you much more flexibility to get those runs in.
  3. Back to school and work routine – Whether you have kids or not, the summer holidays are disruptive. Wherever you go there are small people running around, a lot of structured exercise is cancelled, childcare is an issue, and many offices provide a skeleton service while people jet off on holidays. Now things are back to normal it will be easier to get back into a routine
  4. No disruptions – In the Spring and Summer there are so many holiday disruptions, Valentines, Easter, Bank Holidays etc…there are very few (at least in the UK) to distract you. I always find I have a bit of an alcohol detox during this time naturally, and go back to hearty healthy meals like soups and stews.
  5. Oh, I’m running our 5 weeks to 5K programme again – You knew it was coming right? In September I am leading our biggest ever live cohort of 5 weeks to 5K online programme. 5 weeks of video coaching with Facebook support and a wrap around service of preparation and celebration and accountability throughout. More than 400 women have been through this programme so far…you could help us get to 500.

Our improved programme now gives you personalised access to a website where you will have lifetime access to the resources, including all downloadable planners and the videos, so you can redo the course at any time.

This course is perfect for you if

  • You are brand new to running
  • Have had a bit of a break and want to jump back in
  • Need to refocus and build back up to 5K
  • Want to focus on being able to run a whole 5K without walking
  • Or just want to run more frequently with a bunch of women just like you

The price of the course is normally £20 but we are giving you £5 off if you book before the 1st September using this link….feel free to share it with friends.

5 Weeks September

We already have more than 60 women registered and I just know this is going to be the best round EVER!!!

Just a note on why we charge for this programme when we know there are plenty of FREE or cheap apps out there. We have found that when women pay for a service they are more likely to put in the work and stay accountable. Plus you have me on hand to help you through the tough times and of course celebrate your wins.

The programme starts on 18th September, but we will open the Facebook group a couple of weeks before, so hold tight!!!

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