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I love running, but I love racing more.

And by racing I don’t mean going hell for leather trying to finish as quickly as possible or getting on the podium (like thats ever gonna happen), no I mean I just like to sign up and run at organised races.

I did my first one back in 2005, a low key community fun run in my area, and since then I have probably taken part in well over 100 races of some description, from 5K Race for Life events, to 3 full marathons, a Tough Mudder obstacle course to a Nottingham to Derby Kilomarathon…and everything in between.

So here are the 5 top reasons that signing up to a summer race is a great idea

  1. Something to aim for – I don’t know about you but unless I have a race date in my diary I find it quite hard to motivate myself to train. Its not just having the race in the diary though, its having a clear goal for the event, wether thats to run the whole way, to achieve a PB (Personal Best) or to raise some money for charity.
  2. Keep on track – When I have a race coming up it helps me focus on my nutrition and limit the toxins such as alcohol or sugar binges. I am more likely to do other activity like swimming and yoga to help my fitness, and even upping my sleep and water intake.
  3. The Bling – Who doesn’t want a nice medal as a way of acknowledging your running achievements? Make sure yuou have somewhere to show them off at home.
  4. Post race celebrations – When the weather is nice you can hang around in the race village with a beer admiring your bling and comparing notes will your fellow runners
  5. The bragging rights – While everyone else is nursing BBQ hangovers, you are up and out showing the world that there’s more to life than sunbathing with a cocktail during the summer months…post your pictures on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for extra qudos

So get searching for local races coming up this summer, check out the Women’s Running Race Series across the UK, with 5 and 10K options there is something for everyone, plus we will be hosting Too Fat to Run meet ups at each event too. Use discount code TFGGTR16 for £2 off each race

Right must dash…I have a plane to catch, I’m off to the Geneva Marathon Festival where I will be doing two races in one weekend (A first for me)…look out for my race review next week, plus a blog post entitled “The trick to booking a good hotel when racing abroad” sponsored by Trivago.

UPDATE – We are currently in the 4th position in our crowdfunding campaign having raised £8000+, we still have a long way to go…so please check out our pitch and see if any of our rewards take your fancy.

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