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Back in February 2015 we launched The Clubhouse billed as the worlds only virtual running club for plus size runners…the idea was to provide a safe space for women to talk about their running, share their successes and discuss any challenges they were going through.

Clubhouse Badge BOXEDWith weekly training sessions and fitness challenges set by me, and a monthly mindset theme to get our heads around…I figured The Clubhouse would give women all the things I wish I had had when I first started out with my running…however it turns out it provides all of that plus a lot more besides.

I am so proud of what I have created and the love and support the women offer each other, that I am really keen to offer this to even more women…so I have slashed the cost and created a much more affordable £59 a year annual membership.


Eleanor, Louise and Liza…smiles all round

Here are 5 no brainer reasons to join The Clubhouse this week

  1. Be the first to get access to our new members only area of the website with our library of training sessions, and downloadable training templates and guides.
  2. From 4th July members will receive a weekly email with a suggested training session, tip for the week and message from yours truly
  3. Get involved this summer in our regular TFTR meet ups, Joey from The Clubhouse coordinated one at the Women’s Running 10K race in Cardiff on Sunday and did us all proud, and Liza, Louise and Eleanor met up before the Vitality 10K yesterday too……and finally
  4. We will be looking to train up ladies to become Too Fat to Run coaches from July, we will offer this exciting opportunity to Clubhouse ladies first
  5. I didn’t manage to raise the £50K I needed via the crowdfunding campaign, but tomorrow I pitch live to get through to the next stage of the Voom competition. I figure though if I sell 1000 memberships I will make that money anyway…so just 859 more to go

And if that didn’t convince you to join today…we are offering a £49 early bird membership for anyone who joins before the 6th June.

Come on what you waiting for?

Women tell me The Clubhouse is the thing that keeps them running, helps them build in confidence and helps them develop as a runner, and the friendships which are created are very special indeed.

Click here to see what else you get for your membership and to sign up


Joey, Jenny and Karen..plus daughter

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