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Let’s face it, training by yourself is pretty tough right? You have to organise your own plan, motivate yourself to get out the door, and when things go a bit pear shaped (as they often do) there is nobody to ask advice from or even just have a good old moan with.

A couple of years ago I wrote a blog post called “My Shocking 5K Revelation” which was all about the reasons I had never done couch to 5K…and why I thought it wasn’t always successful for some women.

At the time there was a bit of a backlash with women telling me it was what had got them into running, the thing is, I know it works for some, but for others they never seem to get past a certain week of the programme, and again doing it via a mobile phone app relies on a lot of self motivation.

I figured though, I couldn’t just slag C25K off without having an alternative, so thats when I started putting my 5 weeks to 5k beginners programme together…and just in time for my appearance on ITV’s This Morning where I helped 3 ladies train for a 5K live on national TV.

That was the start of me offering online training courses, and in the past two years we have had over 1000 graduates, and now offer a choice of 3 different programmes and of course our online running club where many of our graduates end up.

So why might you consider joining one?

  1. Follow plans that works – my programmes not only deal with the physical aspects of running, but they also address the mindset and psychological barriers of being a slower, and maybe larger runner.
  2. Fit the sessions into your life – All of my programmes suggest 3 sessions a week, but you get to decide how to fit those sessions in to your busy life. The plans are flexible too, so you never feel like a failure if you miss a session.
  3. Have the support from women just like you – Women tell me that the support from others on the courses in the closed Facebook group is invaluable. Over the 6-10 weeks women really get to know each other and many end up meeting up to do training runs together.

I know the idea of online courses for running can feel a bit odd. But my programmes have been a life saver for women who can’t join traditional running clubs, or prefer to run at home on a treadmill. Many women find their confidence on my course and then find themselves doing parkrun or joining a local run group…and that is always a fabulous success for me.

Yesterday in The Clubhouse our online running club one lady said,

I’m sitting here with a glass of wine in hand reflecting on the post from earlier about friends, and the phenomenon that is The Clubhouse. If you’d told me a year ago that I’d have an online life, connecting with people all over the world who are supporting me to believe I can achieve things I would never have thought possible, I would not have believed you. I have wonderful friends in “real life” and now this has added a new dimension to my life that is a fantastic addition. Thank you Julie and cheers to you and all the clubhouse lovelies.?

My programmes are of course about running, but they are about so much else too.

It isn’t always easy to find other women to build you up in life, and this world can be a lonely one at times. Just think this weekend more than 40 women from my community, most of whom have never met each other will be taking part in the London Marathon either as runners or cheerers, and hundreds more will be supporting them virtually as if they were best buddies.

Because they are, best virtual buddies.

This weekend to celebrate the marathon weekend, all of our course are on sale. This ends on Monday evening, so don’t delay.

Scream if you want to run faster starts on 2nd May and costs £19.99

5 weeks to 5K starts on 15th May and costs £15

10K your way starts on 15th May and costs £19.99

All of our programmes have limited places and these discounted ones are being snapped up.

If you have been considering joining The Clubhouse this is a good way of testing out how we work before committing. The price of the annual membership will be going up soon, so no better time to join.

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