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Finding kit that fits has been a bug bear of mine for as long as I can remember.

For many years I simply wore quite generic sportswear instead of actual running kit…so tracksuit bottoms and tshirts.

I bought my first pair of technical running leggings online, I simply bought the biggest size (an XL???) and hoped for the best. They were OK, a decent name brand, but at a guess I would say they were a size two small, and would cause chaffing, and were not exactly flattering.

Over the years the offer for plus size kit has got better, especially in the size 16-20 bracket…above that and it still can be a challenge.

There are 3 things I look for when it comes to running tights

  1. Fit – Do they go up to my size, and do they have a draw string
  2. Design – Do they look good basically, do I want to wear them
  3. Cost – Do I need to remortgage to afford them, but equally what is the quality like…I will pay more if I know they are going to last…a lot of cheaper ones just don’t.

I love Sturdy by Design Leggings on all 3 counts.

I have been wearing Sturdy religiously for about two years now…I own 6 pairs…I’ve worn them for some of my most important races…New York Marathon earlier this month, the Cardiff Half last year, the Winter Run…and I will be sure to wear them again for the London Marathon in the spring, you will rarely see me training or running in anything else, and here are all of the reasons why

  • They fit wonderfully
  • They NEVER chaffe…a full marathon and NOTHING!!!!
  • They have great designs
  • They come in a range of sizes (up to 4x XL)
  • They come in different lengths
  • They all have drawstrings
  • They have a small pocket in the back
  • They do kids stuff
  • They partner with charities
  • They have sponsored my Xmas Programme for 2 years running
  • They listen to their customers’ feedback
  • They make me feel like a proper athlete when I wear them

I could keep going.

They are a great investment. You won’t want to wear another pair.

I am not an affiliate for Sturdy by Design, I just love them and am properly excited to see my women wearing kit that makes them feel great, so I want to share the love.

Use discount code Run15 for 15% off

You could also try your luck and join my Countdown to Christmas Challenge, where we have 4 pairs up for grabs.

We start on the 1st December.

You should really get involved, it’s going to be great.

Countdown to Christmas is a 31-day fitness challenge with a twist…the twist is we don’t take it too seriously, yes we keep active and challenge our self to try new things, but you do as much or as little as you can manage.

The closed Facebook group is really inspiring.

It seriously is my favorite programme that I run each year…its a brilliant way of heading into the New Year excited by health and happiness, rather than giving up altogether.

Check it out here

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