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We’ve all done it, got half way round a race (particularly long distance races) and realised something is going quite wrong, nope not our fuel strategy, or our PB pace plan…I’m talking that other annoying pain that increases with every mile. Yes I’m talking about chaffing And even experienced runners can be caught out by it on a hot or wet day, or when trying out new kit. Even when you think you have it sorted it can pop up. Some of us suffer from chaffing even when we are not running, that awful moment when you realise your summer dress choice is going to create serious damage to your inner thighs. But guess what? I have found a solution. I bumped into 2Toms at the London Marathon expo last month, I was intrigued by the demos they were doing on their stand. At first I thought it was a cycling product as they were showing it on a bike saddle but upon talking to one of the founders I realised its a multisport product. SportShield-Roll-on-Reflection242x485-70x140Their sport shield cream in particular interested me as once on it stays put even after wiping it with a cloth, seriously the only way to get rid of it is with soap and water. But would it keep me chaffe free for 26.2 miles that is the big test. As I laid my kit out the night before I thought about the areas I would be likely to chaffe (based on past experience) I rubbed the roll on product on all of the seams of my sports bra plus the inside seams of my running tights and then went to bed. The following morning I used the roller on my body in similar places as a belt and braces approach, I even used a bit on my feet on the areas I am prone to blisters. So what happened. I was 100% blister or rubbed sore thats what bleedin well happened. In truth it wasn’t until I got home and got in the bath for what I like to call the sting test. The sting test is when you lower yourself into the tub after a log run and stinging sensations alert you to your newest war wound. There was nothing. Not even a touch of the stings…surprising after being on my feet for over 12 hours…not running of course, I finished in 6.54…but you know what I mean, your body goes through a lot on marathon day. Turns out the only post marathon problem I had (aside from feeling like I had been hit by a bus) was a small blister under the toenail of my second toe on my right foot and that was more to do with the position of the seam on my sock than friction, and it only surfaced days later weirdly. SportShield-10-pak-reflection429x458-70x75Would I use the Sport Shield again…of course and I would happily recommend it to you guys they even do single sachets to carry around with you…I mean if you don’t want those nasty welts and friction burns mucking up your race, this stuff will sort you out and give you the confidence to just get on with the task ahead. Thanks to 2Toms for letting me sample this product…they took my word for it that I was a blogger and not just a blagger and that I would in turn write them a review…I guess you have to have real faith in your product to give me a shot at testing it…cos if anyones gonna rub during a marathon its a plus sized runner.

  1. June 9, 2015

    This came just at the right time for me after experiencing some evil blisters at the front of my bra line on my last run… I brought it, it was expensive, it was also bloody brilliant…same bra, same run today and no blisters/rubbing yeay! Thank you

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