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What a year it’s been…wowsers.

I ran roughly 200 miles in training and races, including

1 x 18 mile of a team relay race
2 x half marathons (Berlin & Geneva)
2 x Spartans 1 x Duathlon
1 x Too Fat to Run Retreat (Greece)
12 x Parkruns
12 x #OBFRs 7 x 10K races including a monster one with hills
30+ CrossFit Sessions

I also managed in the business to…

  • Do 20+ speaking gigs
  • Get through to Semi Finals of Richard Bransons Voom Competition
  • Win best blog in the 2016 Running Awards
  • Host my first ever Retreat in Greece
  • Write a new book

Who could have thought you could squeeze so much into just 12 months and as I sit here thinking about how to make 2017 an even better year, I thought why not have a look back at 2016 with a selection of my favourite blog posts.

  1. In January a whole heap of women are looking for motivation to get back into fitness so in 10 Easy (ish) ways to start running I gave some suggestions for the best ways to jump back in or get started, whatever the case might be.
  2. In March I had the absolute pleasure of meeting one of my heros, Yoga sensation Jessamyn Stanley…turns out she was inspired to start by me…funny this internet fitness stuff right?
  3. In April we all got caught up in a bit of marathon madness, I wasn’t running one this year, but a whole bunch of my ladies did. So I wrote What marathon running taught me about fear 
  4. In May I headed off to run the Geneva Half Marathon as part of a press trip, and also wrote a post about the reality of going on these kind of press trips as the token “normal” person, in why you too should climb every mountain
  5. In July I wrote about the shocking incident of a lady being fat shamed in the changing rooms of her gym, this story made me so mad on so many levels.
  6. I took part in a fabulous race with 5 other awesome fitness bloggers, ticking off my “take part in a 24hour race” goal at the Spitfire Scramble. Next year I am going back to try it solo and we have 2 TFTR teams competing too, so watch this space
  7. In August we took a look at 6 reasons to join an online running club, as The Clubhouse continued to go from strength to strength…we finish the year with 204 members from 5 continents of the world.
  8. In September I started focusing on improving my strength as I joined my local CrossFit box, exploring the concept of What is CrossFit and is it Fat Friendly, I am still there 3 times a week…so it must be doing something right?
  9. October saw me take on my biggest most scariest challenge EVER!!!! Stand up Comedy!!!! And in my post Apparently I am Fat and Funny I explain how it feels to try this for the first time.
  10. The end of the year has been focussed on SPEED, as I led a pilot with 100 women to help test the theories of my upcoming book (have you preordered yet???) How I knocked almost 10 minutes off my 5K time explains all

Phew…a busy year right? And I doubt its going to get any quieter around here.

2017 will see,

  • The launch of my Scream if you want to go Faster book, with an accompanying online programme which starts in January
  • My first ever 12 week goal setting mastermind coaching service
  • Training for Too Fat to Run coaches in the spring
  • Another Too Fat to Run Retreat in Greece, we have 9 ladies signed up already
  • And I will be doing my first international speaking gig in Cape Town in April

Who knows what else will occur, thats the fun and exciting nature of being a fitness blogger, or influencer, or entrepreneur…however you want to describe me.

All I know is I am the luckiest person a live to be able to make a living (only just) from doing something which inspires me daily and actually makes a difference to other people around the world too.

So the big question is, what are your plans for 2017…how are you going to make it an epic, adventure filled year?

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