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As runners you would assume that we all run from one place to another quite frequently and yet very rarely do we actually run anywhere for a purpose other than, well…actually going out for our run, this is where an A – B run can play an important role in shaking up our training.

What is an A-B run?

It’s a predetermined route which is designed to encourage you to run from one location to another by means of transport. It can be of any distance and for any purpose but is useful as a way of fitting running into a busy week.

Some examples of an A-B run are

  • Running to or from work
  • Running to or from a work meeting
  • Running to or from meeting friends
  • Running to or from the school gate (if you have kids)
  • Running to or from doing an errand
  • Running to pick something up
  • Running to the shops

So what exactly do you have to do?

1. Think about your weekly schedule and your to do list
2. Write down a list of possible routes and opportunities
3. Schedule an A-B route into your training plan
4. Make any logistical preparations required
5. Have a contingency plan for if things go wrong
6. Make a note of how you felt completing your run and how it impacts on your life

Is this session suitable for all abilities on our scale?

Yes, this run is perfect for all levels of ability because even you sloggers can integrate power walking A-B runs into your schedule, and power walkers probably do quite a bit of this anyway.

Just think about the distance and the terrain, and preplan all of the logistics like the route and leaving the car or organising the kids etc

You may think that integrating this into your day might take up too much time, but it is the ultimate multitasking tool, and also it shows people around you that running or walking is a perfect travel method.

Other people may think this is slightly strange, or they may welcome it…the point is it will open up a debate about how to avoid the sedentary lifestyles we often find ourselves in. Be honest and upfront about what you need from people and let people know what you are unto so they are not completely surprised by you turning up a bit red faced.

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