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Can we talk short shorts for a moment?

It took me a long old time to pluck up the courage to wear shorts to run in? I’m not sure why? I mean sometimes it’s bloody hot, and wearing even capri leggings just adds a whole new level of effort to a humid run.

Sometimes it is so hot you simply have to get your legs out.

But where the hell do you find shorts that fit?

Finding leggings you like is hard enough right?

I have wasted so much money on shorts that don’t fit, look awful or simply get on my nerves so much while running I never wear them again, so when I heard that my favorite legging company Sturdy by Design were going to be doing shorts, I couldn’t wait to give them a go.

So they arrived on Friday in the middle of the UKs heat wave, and I was desperate to give them a go, but I’ve had a nasty chest infection so couldn’t really test them properly.

I tried them on and took some pictures (and loved them) but you know what its like ladies, you can never tell until you actually run in them right?

So whats the verdict?


The Long Shorts 

These are just a dream to run in. No chafing. No movement. High waisted. Drawstring. Small Pocket. Lovely Design. What’s not to love? It has taken some playing around with tops to wear to feel comfortable but I think that’s more of a confidence thing as I am not used to wearing shorts to run in.

I took them to the gym for a treadmill run and didn’t have any issue with them. It’s a bit like when I reviewed the sturdy leggings, I forgot I was supposed to be reviewing them while testing them…like I had nothing much to report back on, which is always a good sign. With most kit there is always some kind of adjustments that have to be made mid workout….but not with these.

The Shorter “Mesh” Shorts

Now I love the look of these…like seriously.

I once bought a pair similar and was super excited to race in them, but as I bent down to tie up my shoelaces the bum material split and I had to revert back to leggings…so this was my fear.

Well, there was only one thing for it…I took them to CrossFit to put them through the squat test. A session of backsquats, box jump overs and 100 wall balls later and I was still loving the shorts…in fact again I forgot all about them, I didn’t have to adjust them once.

I think I prefer them for gym work than running, only because I have some weird fleshy bits at the top of my legs that I am a bit insecure about, but maybe I will get over that and wear them for track next week.

Over the weekend I ran a competition to win a pair of sturdy shorts, and our lucky winners were…

– Amy Berfield

– Claire Bushell

– Catherine Rose

But what was interesting with more than 100 entries, was how many comments there were with women saying “Oh I can’t wear shorts” or “I wear shorts but mine look awful”
I may well write a blog post about the idea of “unflattering” race photos. Because the thing is, it is not our job as runners to look good…yes its a bonus if we feel confident in our kit, and get the occasional race photo we like…but seriously? What we gonna do wear leggings our whole life because our knees look like faces, or we have varicose veins or cellulite on our legs?
FREE THE LEGS is what I say.
Anyway, check out the full range of Sturdy By Design kit on their website.
I am a massive fan of this company, as I love that they cater to us larger ladies, and actually, listen to what we want/need.
Use discount code Run15 for 15% off (This is not an affiliate code…I am just happy to pass on a discount for you guys)
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