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Ooopppps that was a bit or a typo!!!

It should have read,

The 1 fundamental way you know you are a proper runner

And the answer of course is


You don’t have to be fast
You don’t have to run far
You don’t have to be part of a club
You don’t have to have matching kit
You don’t have to wear expensive trainers
You don’t have to take part in races

Running is yours to do with it what you want.

We can get involved with it however we wish and I love giving women the confidence to start seeing and believing this and starting to head towards their goals without the worry of not being a proper runner YET!!

Yesterday I got an email from a lovely lady asking for some help, after an exchange of messages she said

I would join the clubhouse but I’m not a proper runner


Our online running club is for women who feel like that but still have a desire to run.

We have absolute beginners and ultra marathon runners and everything in between. We have power walkers, Jeffers, folk on the injury bench, those doing 5k programmes, and women training for marathons.

There is no judgement, only love and support.

This week I have revealed our new Too Fat to Run Academy to our members. This is where all of our resources will be stored for our growing catalogue of online courses.

In The Clubhouse there are units on,

  • What to do when you are not running
  • Self Care
  • Fuelling Your Runs
  • Suggested Training Sessions
  • Downloadable Plans & Planners

And lessons on

  • How to get out the front door
  • Training with a heart rate monitor
  • How to run with others
  • Switching off the negative voices
  • How to devise a training plan

And many many more, more than 100 in fact, including resources from all of the guest experts we have had on board since we started The Clubhouse in January 2015.

We currently have 309 member in our closed Facebook and it seriously is the most supportive online space you can find. We don’t only talk about running we talk about all kind of issues that are relevant to us as women.

And you get all of this for just £59 a year…oh but on that note, our price is going up on the 1st June…so now is actually a great time to join.

Heard enough? You can join here

The other thing we have introduced today is monthly payments as requested. It is such an exciting time for Too Fat to Run.

We have so much coming up this summer

  • A trip to DisneyLand Paris (we have just 3 spots left)
  • The Anniversary of OneBigFatRun which will see meet ups take place all over the world
  • A summer programme called “Core Blimey its Hot”
  • A new 10K training programme (which you can join if you are quick)
  • A 24 hour race with two teams (and me) to cheer on
  • A nutritionist coming on board as our expert in June
  • The dates of our 2018 retreat will be announced (We have sold out this year with 21 ladies coming to Rhodes next week)

And so much more.

Are you gonna bite the bullet and join us in The Clubhouse this weekend?

Or perhaps you are happy going it alone…and thats cool too.

Whatever you decide, just remember you are a proper runner no matter how you do your running.

Oh and I forgot to ask, what do you think of our new “This is what a Runner Looks Like” vests? We have them available in blue and purple and stocks are already low!!!


Plus we have new Green and Purple Buffs


Get kitted up and get involved with too Fat to Run this summer, because I am on a mission to show that running really is for everyone.

And remember The Clubhouse goes up to £79 for the year on the 1st June

Have a fab weekend all

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