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In today’s internet-centric society, information is easier to access than ever before. However, this ease of access is often at odds with the actual accuracy of that information. In the fitness world, there are a number of supposed ‘facts’ which are regularly passed around the internet and thereafter around gyms and fitness clubs, which are wholly inaccurate. When keeping track of your fitness progress, be sure to bear the following in mind.

Myth – Static Stretching before Exercise Decreases the Likelihood of Injury. Research has shown that people who preform static stretches before vigorous exercise actually increase their chances of being injured. Dynamic warm-ups, involving plenty of mobility, help to activate the muscles and reduce the likelihood of subsequent injury.

Myth – It is Easier to Burn Fat on an Empty Stomach While it may be the case that the body will use reserved fat stores when the stomach is empty, exercising on an empty stomach simply burns more muscle instead. The lack of nutrients also leads to a far less productive workout, therefore rendering any fitness tracker results inaccurate.

Myth – Women and Men Require Different Exercises This particular myth has probably come about due to the sexes concentrating on different areas; men generally focusing on chest and abs and women on gluts and legs. However, overall body structure is very much the same.

Myth – Hot Baths Prevent Muscle Soreness Post-exercise soreness often occurs when lactic acid creeps into the muscles through dilated blood vessels. By taking a cold bath instead, the coolness of the water will help to close the vessels, giving lactic acid less time to settle.

Myth – Crunches and Sit-Ups Reduce Stomach Fat Even the most vigorous set of sit-ups and ab crunches may not lead to the six-pack of your dreams. While these exercises will help to strengthen the muscles in this area, only a controlled diet and overall body workouts will help contribute to a reduction in belly fat.

Myth – More Exercise is Better Quality is most definitely preferable to quantity in this case. Too much exercise, without allowing for sufficient body recovery time, is actually detrimental to your fitness and could lead to a drop in performance levels.

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